Monday, November 2, 2015

To Be Humbled!

So this week was UNIQUE!  And by unique I mean different than anything else I have ever done. Ha!  I have almost mastered living with one arm- I can do so much with only one hand!  The one thing I still can't do is my it is going to be frizzy and unruly for the next few weeks.  My companion is great and has really been looking out for me.  The Lord knows who to place in our lives at certain times!
I am no longer the designated driver and that is so weird for me!  I haven't been the passenger in a while and I saw everything in a new perspective..I call it the seat of shame. HA!
My new job...backing the car out!
So the day after I broke my clavicle it was deep clean day in our apartments.  I was a big contributor..NOT. But I did try to do what I could..and no I didn't over-do it so don't worry :) That night at our dinner appointment we got to carve pumpkins with the Rivers.  It was fun.  I was still exhausted after the last few days events so it was a good outlet.  I carved with one hand!  Go me.

Wednesday I was really tired, sore, and probably hurt a little bit more than I previously had. The Sisters we share the car with were SO sweet and Christ-like...they gave us the car until we get cleared to walk again- so probably after my surgery.  That night was the Trunk-or-Treat for our ward and it was so cute!  There was chili and costumes, and many friends.  Only a handful of people asked about the sling that I was wearing...the rest of the ward saw me with it on Sunday and said, "Oh I thought it was a part of your costume!" Haha.  Nope.  Hermoine Granger didn't wear a sling that I ever remember.  (PS that's who I was.  And I rocked the hair as well.)  WE gave out candy bags that had pass-along cards in them to the friends (of our members) who attended this event.  IT was a good time- although cut short by the rain.

The rest of the days we were able to see a few of our less actives, investigators and members.  But we didn't go full throttle because I want to be careful and let myself heal.  It is hard to reign in the 'missionary' within me!  That was a challenge and I had a constant battle with myself.  But I was wise, and CTR..chose the right.

Halloween was fun.  We did our normal missionary stuff during the day and then when the trick-or-treating started we went to a members house and mingled there.  They threw a party and had some non-member friends there. It was great.

Not being able to do much on my own has helped to increase my humility.  I know that the Savior suffered all, and I can turn to him.  Learning how to rely on others has been difficult, but if I can't let those who I am serving help me, how could I ever let the Lord help me?  I am doing well and will keep you updated on the coming week!
<3 Sister Golden
My Ice Machine!
I use it while I sleep!

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