Monday, November 24, 2014


Hello there once again! :)  Another week has passed and here I am writing to you from the little local library down the road from my apartment. 

So this weekend was a pretty busy one for us.  We had to be in Jacksonville at 7:30 am for the Holiday Parade!  The ward made a float and all of us missionaries walked beside it the whole parade.  The manger, Mary and Joseph + Baby Jesus, wise men, and angels were all on it waving and saying Merry Christmas.  Before the parade started, our float was missing Mary and Joseph and they needed someone to step in and act in their place for the judges.  Well I was chosen as well as one of the Elders!  Everyone told me I made for a great Mary and looked just like her! Haha.  It was fun.  The extra layers from the costume kept me a lot warmer- it was around 35 degrees out and the sun was hidden behind the trees!  Not the most ideal!

The senior missionaries had made a lot of hot chocolate and were handing it out to the people watching the parade.  Somewhere around 300 people had come by and used the restroom and took some hot chocolate expressing their gratitude in our church being so helpful and kind!  That was great.

While we were walking in the parade we got a lot of great responses from the crowd - in past years there have been no religious floats or anything surrounding Christ at all in the Holiday parade.  We got a lot of, "Praise God!  I like 'dat!  Keep Jesus in Christmas!" or "Yeah, that's right! Ya'll got the right idea!"  So we were kind of a hit with the religious people of the community:)

A few hours later we had a baptism for Ryan (Brooke's husband).  This has been the most spiritual baptism I have had on my mission so far...well, all 2.5 months of it.  The speakers all brought such a strong spirit and the musical number brought everyone to tears.  The Bishop closed with a powerful testimony and you could feel the love in the room that everyone had for Brooke and Ryan.  The next day at church they bore their testimonies in Sunday School and thanked everyone for being such a significant part in their lives.  The gospel is truly working on them and changing them in front of my eyes.  It is an amazing thing to see and to be a part of.  They are a prime couple and are already making plans to go be sealed in the temple in a year.  They already told me that they would wait until February of 2016 when I get off my mission because they want me there :)

A fun service activity we did this week was something similar to 'heart attacking' some member's front doors.  We made a bunch of gratitude notes and stuck them to the door of two members and rang the doorbell and ran.  We had a young wife (whose husband is away at training with the Marines) help us make them, then deliver them.  It was great for her because she has been a convert for less than a year, and she is meeting more people when she comes out with us.  She took us to Mexican food for dinner and then we watched the movie The Testaments at her home for a lesson.  This movie is really good and I suggest you watch it if you haven't seen it!

On Sunday we went onto Base to try and go meet with a few Less active members of the ward.  I felt impressed we should go see a young family that is pretty active, but the husband doesn't come a lot because he works the Saturday night graveyard shift at the Naval Hospital.  They were on our back up list in case the other families weren't home, but as we were driving down their street I said, "We need to go see the Benson's!"  I had no clue why...but we went in and talked with Sister Benson for a good hour about many things. She is 7 months pregnant and has been having a lot of fatigue during this pregnancy.  Her 18 month old daughter was with us and keeping us all entertained, but Brother Benson was upstairs probably sleeping, so she had to keep an eye on her daughter.  After we left, Sister Benson texted us that night and said, "Thanks so much for stopping by.  It's simple, but I believe that Heavenly Father does  send angels in our lives at a certain time!"  She had obviously needed some company and some people to talk to, so it's good that we followed the impression and stopped by.  You never know who needs something, even those we consider strong members.

So after dinner this week with one of the members, I was trying to be helpful and put the salad dressing away.  I stuck it in the shelf that is on the door of the fridge, and something weird happened!  The whole shelf FLEW out of the fridge and the contents went everywhere!  Good thing they were all just bottles and condiments, nothing glass.  But I was mortified!  I couldn't believe it.  I was embarrassed because just a few minutes earlier I accidentally knocked over the soy sauce and it spilled on my place mat.  Everyone was teasing me and said they didn't know I had a clumsy side.  I am not usually clumsy, but I reevaluated this thought after dumping the popcorn onto my lap during the movie while I was trying to make room for the dog who was trying to get down off the couch.  It was just one of those days I guess.  Awkward.

The weather has been real funky this week.  One day its in the 30's, then it's all windy and gross the next day but in the 50's, and then you get days like today where it rains and it gets humid and jumps into the 60's!  I just don't get it.  But I am glad it hasn't snowed here.  If I were at school in Rexburg it would be in the negatives and snowing everyday.  So I need to count my blessings I guess!

This week I learned how to Crochet! And no. It is NOT easy.  And yes.  I did get very grumpy.  I didn't get very far and Mellisa kept having to come over and remind me what the next step was.  I have short term memory loss when it comes to needles and thread.  I am trying to make an ear warmer head band, but it looks more like...a small square of fuzzy yarn.  Not very becoming.  I don't know if crocheting will become a hobby of mine; but you never know! 

Good news!  We got our tire fixed.  There was a nail in it and we just hadn't been able to see it I guess.  We took it to Good Year and had them pull it out and pump it back up for us.  Now we don't have to have Brother Cunningham pump it up every Wednesday night!  Even though he was so happy to help:)  We were able to go over to his house this week to try and work on family history.  But it was frustrating for me.  I don't know where I put my pedigree chart, and I can't remember anyone's birthdays, or the names of my great grandparents.  I didn't get very far because of this and was super bummed because my companion is already back in the 1500's with her family just from going those 2 days.  So I was sitting and talking with sister Cunningham about it and she saw little tears in my eyes and was consoling me and telling me it's okay that I will get it done soon!  She has a whole room full of binders with her family history and all the important documents for them.  They are so amazing at it.  They are our “safe house” which means that if there is ever a storm and we are told to leave, we go to their home for safe keeping.  I told them I was praying for a storm so that we could come over for a full day and I could just look at all of their family history and whack out some of mine!  They just laughed.  But we ARE going to their house for dinner on Thanksgiving;)

The Cunningham's
I think that the Lord places us in the right place and the right time to either be of comfort for others, or to answer someone else's prayers.  This week we had to go to Ace Hardware to make a copy of our house key for our mission home, and had decided to go to the library later after cleaning the apartment for check ups.  Well, we are driving down the road and are coming to the stop light before our turn.  I felt like we should just go to the library then, because we were out and about and it just made more sense to go now rather than later.  So I told this to my companion and we continued on down to the library to do some FB proselyting.  When we got there, we ran into Sister Giltner, an older single lady in our ward that is struggling financially right now.  She saw us and came over to chat for a minute.  Then she stopped, looked directly at me, and said, "Can I just have a big hug?" Of course I asked no questions and threw my arms around her and squeezed her tight.  After a bit we released and she told us of the challenges she is currently facing.  She may be losing her trailer, she doesn't have much money left and has been using her savings fund, she has had to borrow a members car, and her kids are ignoring her.  We mostly just listened to her and I gave her some ideas on where to go to apply for a job since she doesn't have one now.  Before she left she whispered to me and said, "you were an answer to my prayers today, thank you."  It was touching, and it has been reaffirmed to me that we must always listen to promptings.

With it being close to Thanksgiving, I have a small quote from President Uchtdorf in the April 2014 conference.  He said “It is easy to be grateful for things when life seems to be going our way. But what then of those times when what we wish for seems to be far out of reach? We can choose to be grateful, no matter what. This type of gratitude transcends whatever is happening around us. It surpasses disappointment, discouragement, and despair. It blooms just as beautifully in the icy landscape of winter as it does in the pleasant warmth of summer. When we are grateful to God in our circumstances, we can experience gentle peace in the midst of tribulation.” (April ’14 Gen. Conference ‘Grateful in any circumstances’)  Let us all remember to be grateful for where we are at in life right now!

I love you all so much and hope you have a great weekend with the family:)
I miss you!
Love, sister Mallory Golden

Monday, November 17, 2014

Finished the Book of Mormon!

 Things I Learned this Week:
1. When a person begins to see something of eternity in its true perspective, the blessings begin to far outweigh the cost of leaving 'the world' behind.  
I am trying to apply this to my Mission!

2. Prayer is less about changing our circumstances and more about changing us.  It is about seeking His will and asking for His help to do what we need to do.  I am trying to do this each day, and I am realizing how different our purpose becomes when our perspectives shift.  

Food of the Week:
This week some of my favorite dinners were when we had “Homemade” Pizzas, Sushi Bar, Thai Night, Taco Tuesday, and a Potato Bar with Turkey!  Just a little rant about the food.  It's NOT all fried! Hallelujah!  Haha:)

Homemade Pizza

1. Brooke's husband who was deployed in Romania had been given permission to come home for 2 weeks!  His first question was, "Can the Sisters come over?"  And the first thing he asked us was, "Can I get baptized next Saturday?"  He has been investigating for three years and finally felt the push when Brooke, his wife was baptized.  Now they are preparing to go to the temple and be sealed a year after his baptism.  YAY!  Families are GOLD if you can find them:)

2. Next, Mellisa (our recent convert) has told us that she will teach us how to crochet! I am going to make a head band (the ear warmer ones), because I am dumb and either can't find where I packed mine, or totally left them at home.  I am excited!  Then we are going to get really warm fuzzy yarn and make baby hats for the NICU in Wilmington, because they are in need of them! 

3. This week we were able to see a lot of members because of dinner appointments, and going out with them on splits.  We got some recent converts to come along with us to these dinners and worked on fellow-shipping them into the ward even more.  For a fun activity we watched the Joseph Smith Movie about the Restoration, The Emma Smith Story, and The Testaments.  They were all REALLY good!  I hadn't seen them before.  I couldn't believe the trial and hardships some of these people had to endure.  It was a testimony builder to me- they wouldn't have gone through all of that turmoil if the church wasn't true.  No way Jose!  After one of these lessons we went out into the backyard and checked out the chicken coop that was back there.  We ended up leaving her house with free eggs:)  All 18 of them!

4. We taught the lesson out at Camp Johnson this Sunday to the young Marines.  I am glad when they show up because boot camp just drains them and takes everything they have and breaks them down.  There were about 6 that showed up which is way better than usual!  They were all excited that the sisters were teaching...I think it is because they rarely ever see girls.  Haha.  But they were all nice and respectful.  They threw me off though when I challenged them all to commit to something for this week.  They looked at me and said, "Yes mam!" I just laughed haha!  It is the military way.

5. Two of the members in our ward have gotten my companion and I Christmas gifts!  So nice of them!  Transfers are coming up on Dec 2nd and they wanted to make sure we got stuff in case we are leaving.  One of the ladies got us sock slippers, and a hot chocolate care package!  Yay!  It's getting cold.  The other lady got us back massage-rs that vibrate when you push a button!  Oh how heavenly!

Fun Reindeer Slippers!
6.  We had another Zone Training this week.  It was super good this time- considering I've been to two, ha!  I got a lot of revelation and I learned many new things.  Afterwards us sisters all met at the local mexican food place and had lunch together!  It was a blast.  You get rice, a taco, an enchilada and of course the chips and salsa for $5.08!  Such a deal!  And we get to chat and be social for just a little bit.  It's a nice break:)

Zone Training
Having lunch together

Funny of the Week:
So since I'm a Washington girl, I am pretty used to the rain...right?  We go out running at 6:45 on Tuesday morning and see that there is a light drizzle.  My companion looks around and I can tell she in considering going back inside.  I take off and start running so that she has to follow me!  I don't want to be inside more than I have to be!  We get down the street and the rain has picked up a little bit.  We turn the corner and the rain seems to get a little thicker.  I am telling myself we will hit a dry patch where the clouds break...just like back home.  Well, we reach our destination of the area we usually run in and the rain just LETS down!  I am thinking to myself, "Oh Great."  We turn back and start heading to our apartment.  It took us twice as long because we had to keep wiping our eyes so we could SEE where we were going!  Back inside we are drenched, hot, and probably sweaty.  Who knows.  But that showed me that West Coast rain is VERY different from East Coast rain and not to forget it!  Haha.  Then low and behold 15 minutes later it got sunny.  Just my luck.

Soaking Wet!
It is getting around that I try and eat healthy and haven't been eating desserts that are being offered.  So more families are making salad when we come to eat with them, and less desserts.  HA!  One of the families got us snacks from the Commissary and gave Sister Arave Gluten free protein bars, and then whipped out 'Veggie crisps' and 'nut trail mix' for me!  I died laughing!  It's so cute seeing people try to guess what I will like and what is healthy.  I am not picky!  I’m just trying to be careful so I don't gain any more weight:)  I always appreciate the help and love from the members though:) 

Remember This: 
When we explain a problem and a proposed solution, sometimes Heavenly Father answers yes, and sometimes no.  Often he withholds an answer not for lack of concern, but because he loves us- perfectly.  He wants us to apply truths he has given us.  For us to grow, we need to trust our ability to make correct decisions.  We need to do what we feel is right.  In time he will answer.  He will not fail us.

Consider This:
Our personal prayers are a barometer of our spiritual strength and an indicator of our spiritual well being.  What would listening to your personal prayers reveal about you and your relationship with Heavenly Father?

I love you all and hope you know that you are in my prayers:)
Keep me updated!  I want to hear all about your lives and what's going on in them!

Using my time wisely by "multi-tasking"
Love always,
Sister Mallory Golden :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Great Week in the Carolinas!

Hello!  It has been another good week here in Jacksonville.  Let me fill you in on some of the highlights of the week:)

Our investigator Mellisa got baptized and confirmed this week!  She was SO happy and it was so obvious that she knew this was where she is meant to be.  I am so proud of her.  She has a rough life, but the church offers EVERYTING that she is searching for.  It's crazy how much good the church gives our lives- it astounds me.  She told us that we were 2 angels sent from God to her and that she would never forget the happiness we have brought to her.  I feel like I have done nothing, but that through the Lord he has used me in so many precious ways.  It is a neat thing to look back at because you don't recognize it DURING the moments, but more in hindsight.

We had another exchange this week!  My companion and I do a 24 hour trade with our Sister Training Leaders for our zone.  They make sure we are doing okay, that the work is going well, and make sure that the companionship is doing what it should be.  It was a fun day and luckily it was a BUSY day.  So I definitely impressed this Sister Training Leader;)  Haha.  We had two lessons, a service activity, dinner with a member, and helped with family history.  BOOM!

Our Exchanges
We ALSO had interviews with President and his wife this week.  I was so nervous because it was my first one and I didn't know what to expect.  They asked us to prepare questions, scriptures, and more plus they would be asking us questions, checking our planners and seeing if we were doing what we should be doing.  I walked in first to see Sister Burnheisel which was probably a good thing, haha.  Because the second she asked me how I was doing, my eyes started filling up with tears, and I couldn't stop them!  I think it was just a moment of emotional weakness, plus she is so much of a mother figure for us missionaries, plus I was still feeling the stress of the weeks that have passed she probably told her husband they better keep an eye on me, HA!  I laughed afterwards because I felt better, but also felt like a dork.  But it ended up helping me!  So that's okay:)
Brooke (a lady who got baptized last week) gave me and my companion a gorgeous bracelet with an infinity symbol on it.  There was a charm dangling off of the bracelet that had my last name initial "G" on one side, and the date of her baptism (11-1-14) on the other side.  She told us that we had changed her life in more ways than we even knew, and she would always be indebted to us.  This was the moment the mission changed for me.  That is exactly the experience I needed to have to make me more consecrated.  I have been living day to day, doing the tasks, teaching the lessons, but not much of a permanent feel had set in yet.  After Brooke told us this I cried.  Because I THEN realized that THIS was my purpose.  I am here, working my butt off, slaving over scriptures, enduring both physical and mental and emotional exhaustion not just for the sake of sacrifice, or because the Lord asked me to, but because there are people, and families out here that need to be brought to the gospel.  They need someone to bring them the blessings of eternal life, a way to receive the gift of the holy ghost and feel like for the first time, they belong here on the earth as a child of God.  This realization hit me so hard- but I was so grateful for it. That feeling comes and goes, but I do know that as I continue to serve and work, I will have rewarding experiences such as this to make it all worth it.

Here are some of the insights I was blessed to gain this week! 
1. We all have struggles, but we all can find an extra minute and a half each day to show love to one of God's children.  It might make all the difference- even to  that one we think we don't have to worry about.

2. The quantity of darkness surrounding us in the world simply does not matter.  Light is eternal and is cast and more powerful than darkness.  (2 Cor 4:6; Mosiah 16:9; D&C 14:9)  If we remain worthy of the Holy Spirit our souls can reflect sufficient light to displace any amount of darkness, and others will be drawn to that light within us.

3.  A quote I found in an Ensign in my apartment that I really liked.  "You must learn to walk to the edge of the light, then a few steps into the darkness; then the light will appear and show the way before you."  (Ether 12:6) -Harold B. Lee

Okay so the funny moment of this week:
My companion and I were on exchanges with a lovely lady from our ward.  we were visiting some less active sisters that lived on the military base opposite of Camp Lejeune.  I had left my jacket in one woman's home and had jumped out of the car to go grab it. My companion and Sister T. were still in the car watching me (I only had to go across the street).  On my way back to the car I saw a man training his dog in the grass nearby.  The dog saw me and broke free of his owners grasp and started charging towards me.   I recognize that this is a very large dog and that it is actually a Rottweiler.  My first thought wasn't “Oh how cute a dog!” but it also wasn't “I should probably brace myself if he isn't being friendly.”  I just STOOD there smiling at the owner who is sprinting after his dog yelling between puffs of breath, "Don't worry! He's friendly!  Don't worry!"  (First of all, sir, that makes no difference whether or not your Rottweiler is friendly...he is racing towards me full speed.)  Funny thing is I wasn't even scared.  I felt like I should drop my bag and put my arms out as if telling him he should jump into them.  He keeled back at the last second and jumped up so that his paws were on my chest.  I looked at his face and saw that he was smiling and just being playful.  He licked my neck and then went on his merry way down the street to find a fire hydrant or something.  The poor man apologized and continued chasing after him.  My companion and Sister T. just had their mouths gaping open as I climbed into the car.  Haha.  I told them I knew Heavenly Father would protect me and then asked where we were off to next.

I am so grateful for the gospel blessing my life.  I wish I had realized that sooner before I left.  But I know that this mission has given me more understanding and purpose for my own life than I would have gained if I had stayed home.  Thank you so much for all the support, letters, emails, prayers and love.  I feel them and they DO make a difference.  

Love you so much!  
Sister Mallory Golden

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!

So this week went well.  It was busy and we did a lot.  
Some Highlights: We were able to go with a member (Sister Tu'ivai) to go pick up her husband that had been out on a MEU for the military.  He was on a ship and gone for about 9 months.  We drove out to the base with her and waited the long 2 hours for the men to get off the ship, unload their gear, come over and greet their families.  It was such an amazing thing to see.  All of the kids and wives running to meet their husbands and dads who had been gone for so long!  Sister Tu'ivai and her son Veni were SO happy, and it made me so happy to see that:)

A fun bit of service we did this week was when we made dinner for our Relief Society President Sister Anderson!  We recruited a lady in the ward to help us shop and prepare the dinner at her house.  We made chicken enchiladas and then some lemon cilantro rice and beans.  It was so good looking.  We dropped it off at her house and left it in her fridge since they were out trick or treating at the school festival.  

The following day we went over to Sister Anderson's house and got to celebrate her son's birthday, carve pumpkins, and eat a super good dinner she made us!  She said she wanted to make sure we had something fun to remember about our halloween:) 
Sister Anderson's House
Making Goodie Bags to Handout

On Halloween we went to a little fast food place called “Cook Out” that everyone always talks about.  supposedly they have really good shakes, so my companion decided we should go there for lunch.  We had Sister Hanson (a girl my age- a young marine wife) come with us since her husband was at work all day.  It was quite fun!  We drove to Walmart and to her house to see her puppy, and then to visit a few less active sisters in the ward.  It was a great social outlet if you ask me! 
Sister Hanson
Saturday was Brooke's baptism!  She has been investigating for 3 years and has finally decided to take the plunge!  No pun intended.  We put together her program and yes, I did end up singing a duet of the song "I Need Thee Every Hour" for it.  It actually went well and everyone told me I should sing more.  We will see if that happens;)
Sister Tu'ivai, Veni, and Brooke

Brooke's daughter is 18 and has decided that she now wants to get baptized.  The only hang up is that she lives with her fiance.  So unless he was to move out, or they chose to get married, she can't get baptized quite as soon as she would like.  Well, she called us and said that she has decided they are getting married on Thursday so she can start preparing for baptism!  That just shows us how willing she is to change her life in order to do what she believes is right!  It's wonderful to see her have such great desires.  Now her fiance is interested in learning more about the church as well:) Domino effect!
Later that day we went to Sister Leishman's (lady in the ward) to help her box up her house.  They are moving to Utah while her husband deploys for a year.  They were planning on staying in NC but they found out that their house has been contaminated with black mold and is in NO condition for anyone to be living there right now.  She had gotten pneumonia twice, and each of her kids took turns getting sick as well.  So we put our face masks on and went right to work.  
Service with a Smile!?
We spent a couple hours moving things out of rooms, boxing up stuff and throwing out things that were rotted with mold.  Gross!  After that she took us all out to Red Robin for dinner! Their family is so great- I wish they weren't moving.
Sunday we had a Silent Fireside, or in other words a power point presentation that was all music and pictures and scripture quotes.  It was like an inspirational video.  We asked all the members to invite their friends and use it as a missionary opportunity.  I sang one of the special musical numbers and afterwards a lady came up to me who is a professional singer and asked me how long I've been singing for.  I told her I've never really done it outside of the shower before!  Haha.  She offered to give me a few free singing lessons!  How fun is that!  I really love her- she is so great and served a mission as well.  It's nice to see how blessed she is with a great husband and 2 cute little babies.  One day that may even happen to me!  

We got to eat dinner that night with another member and had planned on teaching a lesson to their friends they had invited over as well.  We taught the Plan of Salvation and talked ALOT about marriage and how family is central to God's plan and how important it is to nourish our relationships.  Come to find out, they told us our message was really uplifting and helpful because they had been having marital issues lately and felt lost.  They agreed to come to church this next Sunday and meet with us again.  The Lord knows what people need to hear, and we just have to be open to listening to Him and teach what we feel is right.

Onslow Beach on Camp Lejeune
Sun's Out ~ Guns out!

Today we went with the Sister Missionaries in the Second Ward, and one of their members to the beach on base.  It was really pretty and perfect weather for it.  It was about 60 degrees and the sun was out and it felt SO good.  I miss the beach so much.  We ate lunch out there and played with the little son that came along.  

So this upcoming week we have a baptism to prepare for!  One of our investigators is getting baptized on Saturday.  Then we have 4 more baptisms to get going for the end of November.  The Lord is hastening his work and even though times can get challenging, He leads us to people who are searching for more happiness and the light and truth they are missing.

Funny of the Week:
A member in our ward decided to drop by after they hit up Sam's club one evening this week.  They brought us tubs of lettuce, carrots, broccoli, apples, grapes, and bananas.  This sweet young couple even brought us a bouquet of daises!  They stayed for about half an hour talking with us about things, and by the end of the chat they commented on how cold our apartment was.  We think our thermostat is broken because it is always at 61 even when we set it for 71.  They texted us later that night and told us they were getting us a space heater and more blankets before the winter hits so we don't die!  They are so sweet! Haha:)
This is how I dress to stay warm in our apartment!
My feet get so cold... I have to wear socks with my shoes in our apartment, haha!
So each week we have a District meeting, or in other words, we have the missionaries in this area come together at the church to meet and go over numbers and other business items.  Well, all the missionaries and even the senior couples, have learned how passionate I am about health and exercise.  So!  For the snack they usually bring, they had yogurt with fruit and granola instead of cookies, and then we had a stretch break and a wall sit break!  They then asked me if I would do the 'health thought' for the rest of the meetings since I am the healthiest person they know.  I just laughed, haha.  

Personal Revelation:
This week I have learned that missionary work is always paired with high stress.  Being a perfectionist doesn't help matters much either.  I was looking for ways to let out this stress and praying for things I could do to let it go and not hold it in.  This week my scripture study hasn't been anything extraordinary, but I can tell you that the repetition of being in the Book of Mormon has made the spirit more prevalent than ever before.  I feel so calm and collected when I read for that short half an hour in my personal study time every morning.  I get so sad when I realize it's time to wrap things up and close it.  I know that our Heavenly Father blesses us when we follow his commandments; and through my habits of praying and reading in the scriptures I have deepened my spiritual connection with Christ and God.  This allows me to build up my 'spiritual storehouse' so I can manage my stress better.  I would encourage all of you as well to read for at least 10 minutes a day in the Book of Mormon, always starting and ending with a prayer.  It will drastically change your day, and if you give it time, you WILL see apparent changes.
I love you all so much and hope you are doing well.  I miss you and hope you know I pray for you every single day!  Probably every hour to be honest:) 

Stay safe and don't forget me!
Love, Sister Mallory Golden