Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm on the Mend!

First off, I am doing much better this week! I am sleeping better and can basically do everything on my own. I washed my hair last night and just used my right arm if I needed to raise an arm over my head. Yay me!! Some members laugh at me because I am more bulk with my new and improved (pillow included) sling. I call it my bionic arm, or transformer, ha! When I do things it takes me 2 times as long and I look funny.
Sister Youd my surrogate mother
A great place for stashing things!
So my District was going to get together to play sand volleyball, of which I was so excited about, and was quickly shot down by my companion saying I couldn't play...
My companion Sister Petersen
 anyway, we woke up to rain, and now 5 hours later it is still raining. So our District leader cancelled it, ha...kind of funny! So it will be put off till next Monday. Maybe after a few PT appointments I can play?!
My friends from the MTC
This week we finally went out and did some work. Our numbers have been awful the last few weeks. We found a new investigator who is Chinese and her name is Min Ming. She is interested in religion as a whole and accepted a BOM. We will see if it goes anywhere. After almost a month of not meeting we finally saw the Ramos kids. I really hope one of them chooses to be baptized. While out tracting this week we had an Indian man (who has been here for 18 years and is very westernized) ask me if I was brain washed. He told us we are two young, unlearned girls wasting our time. And he belittled us. Oh my, was my blood boiling! But what I realized was the name badge on my chest carries Christ's name and prevents me from doing anything I may have done if it were just me. Who I represent (the Lord, the Church, my family) makes it so that I am 100% more aware of my actions and reactions. It made me think!

On my mission I am acutely more aware of bearing Christ's name and leaving a positive impression of the church. Why did it take me serving a mission, wearing my Savior's name to act in a way that wouldn't disappoint or hurt the Lord and His Church? The covenant I made at baptism had already placed Christ's name upon me, now it's just more tangible being on a black piece of plastic. Going on a mission helped me to realize that I am always on the Lord's errand, and I am always representing the Savior and His gospel. I am grateful to be able to practice more fully my ability to reign in my human characteristics and exude Godly qualities. I want to carry this for the rest of my life. As we go about our daily lives, there are many people who watch us. I want to make sure that all I do is of "good report and praiseworthy." So, there is your spiritual tid-bit, or inside my head for the week.

We have been working with a lady who is a returning member in the ward. She was baptized at 21, fell away and found the church last April...40 years of inactivity. This last week she went to the temple for the first time and did baptisms for the dead with the youth. She was SO happy! Her joy was so full that I couldn't help but feel the same way. It helped remind me that this is why I am here, to help people make covenants, and enter the temple. Although this has been a challenging area, I know that the Lord looks out for His children and wants us to progress. God's whole purpose, His work and his glory is to enable each of us to enjoy all His blessings. I am so blessed to have you all for a family. Being sealed in the temple is that much more precious to me.

I love you all,
Love Mallory (Sister Golden)
A Sugar Glider from Australia

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