Monday, November 30, 2015

Post Thanksgiving!

HELLO!  This week was CRAZY.  Just with everything going on :) But it was good.
First of all, our thanksgiving was great!  We went to the Rivers house and helped them cook some stuff.  I made a southern favorite called Banana Pudding.  Although after making it and knowing what all was inside, I wasn't too inclined on eating any of it, ha!
After cooking we watched the Testaments with them and headed off to our next appointment with the Milot's for the grand dinner.  And oh my it was grand.  So much food!  I was so full!  I didn't want to think about eating ever again!  But we had a really fun time and got a bunch of left-overs.  We were told by our Zone leaders that President wanted us out and about (although not knocking on doors) so we went to Wal-Mart and Target to talk with and contact people.  Now let me tell you, that was my first experience with any kind of 'Black friday shopping' and I did NOT enjoy it at all!  It was so packed and crazy and I had to do all I could not to get ran over!  People had maps printed out and teams that were splitting up to go get things...I was in awe.  SO that night ended in quite a lively way haha.

Now, rewind.  We were able to go on exchanges with the Sisters in Cary on Wednesday after we had Zone Training.
I went to their area with Sister Buhler and got to meet and teach all of their cute investigators and some less actives.  Going to another area is always fun because I learn and pick up on what other missionaries are doing to help them be successful.  We had a really good time.  I felt so good that the next morning I did some abdominal work and squats (by permission of my Physical Therapist) and was SO sore the next day.  I forget that I haven't exercised in about 5 weeks now.  I am a bum.
While on exchanges we taught a girl named Lindsey who was actually living in Wilmington when I was there a year ago.  My follow up trainer Sister Jones had actually started teaching her, but Lindsey wasn't ready and was mean and stopped meeting with them.  Lindsey brought this up during our lesson and I told her I knew Sister Jones!  Lindsey said to not ever feel like I don't do anything in missionary work.  Sis. Jones probably felt like she didn't get anywhere with Lindsey.  But because they took the time to teach her, she always remembered the Sisters and found them when she moved to Cary.  NOW she is getting baptized. The work we do is never worth nothing.  It is always worth something.  That was a neat tender mercy of the Lord.
Earlier that day some crazy lady asked us for money, we ran into some not so safe individuals in a rough part of town, spent an hour talking to a woman who had a memory problem, and had dinner.  So it was a great exchange :) I love being a sister training leader so I can meet all these sweet Sisters in my area and learn from them.

Earlier in the week we had a lesson with one of our investigators, and I ended up leaving very frustrated because it didn't go well.  She was just confused and we were confused and we just didn't know what she expected.  I was feeling really down because many of our investigators don't have desires to progress. They just meet with us and get the 'feel-goods'.  But I want to fulfill my purpose and do my duty here as a missionary.  So when I had a meeting with the leaders in the mission and the theme was 'Covenanting' my interest was peaked.  President talked about how when we covenant with the Lord, set goals, achieve them, and repent daily we will be blessed with more people to teach than we can imagine.  He gave examples such as covenanting to teach 3 lessons per day and give out two books of Mormon.  Or tract the whole three hours from 6-9 and do so many things.  So I brought this back to my area and Sister Petersen and I were able to make some of our own covenants.  Guess what.  We found 7 new investigators this week.  We set a goal to find a family of 4 on Saturday, and the very last house we knocked on was a family of four who let us in.  The next night, Sunday, we tracted all the way up until the last possible minute, and what happened?  A family of 4 was behind the door and accepted us in.  I can tell you that covenanting works.  When we put our shoes to the pavement, diligently seek out the Lord's will, and work like there is no tomorrow, He WILL bless us.  This is a pattern I will follow for the rest of my life.  In school, in Marriage, in family, and all else.  I want the Lord to fill the cracks in my life that I cannot.

Friday night we had dinner with our Indian friend named Rina.  It was some yummy native food that she cooked for us and we were surprised when she had a friend she has known since college stop by to join us. He was Buddhist and was very intrigued about our missions and what we believe as a religion in general.  It is interesting who the Lord placed in our path so that we could reach our goal that day.  We talked a lot with Joey about our faith and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a great night that turned from just a dinner appointment to a specific place for us and this man to meet so we could discuss our doctrine.
Then we decided to drive by our investigator’s house who told us she wasn't available to meet until January 7th and we found her at home getting ready to leave!  We had a short lesson with her, a prayer, and said goodbye.  We heard her saying, "Such sweet girls, bless you. "  As we walked away.  Just another moment to see God's hand in my life this week.

Here are some quotes that touched me this week!
"Strong moral character results from consistent correct choices in the trials and testing of life.  Such choices are made with trust in things that are believed and when acted upon are confirmed."

"When He answers YES it is to give us confidence.  When He answers NO it is to prevent error.  When He withholds an answer, it is to have us grow through faith in him, obedience to his commandments and a willingness to act on truth."
-Richard G. Scott.

Love, Sister Golden

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