Monday, August 31, 2015

The Power of Prayer!

Hello my Golden Clan! I am so excited to be writing you all after this long week :) It has been a good one though.
Walking home at sunset!

Let me start with a neat experience.  My first week here we were tracting (as usual) and we talked with a sweet lady named Karen.  She and her husband were content with their church but she still asked us questions and was REALLY nice.  She gave us some granola bars and water and when we left we gave a closing prayer.  She had teared up and told me thank you but not much more than that.  WELL....last week we stopped by again and her husband let us right in and yelled for her to come downstairs.  They happily conversed with us, made sure we were okay, hydrated, full and content.  Karen goes, "Hunny I just wanted to tell you I was so impressed by your prayer last time.  After you left I called my husband and cried again.  I just couldn't believe how beautiful and expressive and genuine it was even though you didn't know me.  I actually called my kids and told them about you as well."  I was shocked! And flattered as well- but the spirit directs my prayers often times!  I just listen to what the person says, what the spirit directs, and speak.  But now I know why we have  prayers with our investigators and people we contact after sharing a is because prayers allow for truth to be felt.  And Karen felt it.  She let us in her home the next time because of it.  I am so grateful that I learned to pray as a little child and have had the opportunity to practice and kneel each day to talk with my Father in Heaven.  I encourage you to pray daily as well!

Another neat thing that happened this week was that a member of the 70 came to speak to our mission!  Elder Dube from Zimbabwe- he and his wife are great.  I commented on Sister Dube's dress and she wondered how I knew what lappa material was- I told her how my family lived in Africa for a time, and she and her husband loved that!  We formed a bond and they kept coming and talking to me throughout the day.

The conference was so great.  Sister Rause a returning member who hadn't been to church since she was baptized (40 years ago) took us and was so spiritually nourished.  Elder Dube is a fun, outgoing, and energetic man.  You could tell he is a man of God because of how the room felt when we walked in and shook his hand.  It was so neat to be able to hear from him what the Lord expects from his missionaries. He promised us that as we strive to work hard, listen to our mission president, and go home with honor, our lives will never be the same.  He told us we would be blessed for our sacrifices and our efforts.

These last few weeks we have been challenged to learn the Plan of Salvation and be able to teach it in 4 minutes.  I love it!  It allows us to teach more effectively to those who we meet on the street or at their door.   We had several opportunities to teach that message this week.  A few people told us they had recently had a baby, or death in the family, and we were able to testify that they will see their family again, and that God is just and loves us.  Then when we had dinner one night with a member, she invited her friend over to hear the Plan of Salvation lesson.  I love seeing blessings that come as we strive to be obedient to the Lord and to our Mission President's counsel.
Exchanges with Sister Maxfield
Sisters in the Raleigh area
 Even though planes fly over us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (we are by the airport) I smell curry everywhere I go, today was pouring rain, I KNOW that the Lord is aware of me. And I know that we will be blessed when we do what is right.
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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