Monday, August 17, 2015

Little India ~ Morrisville!

Hey y'all!  So I have been transferred to INDIA!  Not really, but kind of.  I am in a small town called Morrisville, the 'heart of the triangle' is what it is known for.  There is a big area called 'Research Triangle Park' which is made up of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, I think.
But here in Morrisville the majority of the population is made up of Indian people.  They are great and really nice, but it is hard because they are all Hindu and Muslim and are not interested in Christianity.  We have tracted this whole week and had about 20 lessons with them, and none of them accepted what we had to say but thanked us anyways.  We had a few random Southern Baptists in the mix- but they are never too friendly to us.  What is so intimidating about a girl with a skirt on?  Haha.

Some quirks about my area:
We have a car every other week- don't worry, "I will survive!"  Or at least try to. I am pretty excited to try my sweet wheels out, though.  I haven't had the chance to my whole mission!  I just kind of freak out when I realize we don't have access to a car.  We share it with the Apex sisters who aren't too far away from us.
Second, I am having to get used to an apartment again!  There were so many perks to living with a member in my last area! But this will be good for me, I just hope I don't forget how to do my laundry. (Kidding!)

So as for my last few days in Pinehurst last week. That was HARD! I hate goodbyes! but I know they are not permanent.  I did dread all the packing I had to do ... I really don't know where half of my stuff came from...really!  Ha!
My sweet family the Winkley's
 So on Tuesday morning the DAY OF transfers the Spanish Elders text us at 6:15 in the morning and say, "Hey do you want to take an IQ test with us at 7:30?"  We were both like what the heck??  They clarified and said that Bishop Finch was bringing tests for us all to take and we should join.  So against my better judgement we went...sweaty, in work out clothes and all!  Good thing I totally don't care about how I look in front of boys anymore.  Bishop Finch is a Psychologist for the army and got us some professional IQ tests that would be legitimate and can go in our records.  I was super nervous because I feel like I don't know anything besides gospel stuff.  I just hope he doesn't judge me on my score if it is bad...that was fun though!
We hurried home and I finished packing and getting ready.  The Edwards' came to pick me up and the two elders in our district who were transferring as well, and Sister Burdette stayed behind and went to do missionary things with Sister Mizelle.  I felt so naked without a real companion that whole morning/afternoon!
Once at transfers (and saying hello to everyone) we got settled in. There were 20 new missionaries transferred in and 2 of them are from far, far away.  Korea, and Taiwan!  crazy.  I got called and stood, hearing president James say, "Morrisville with Sister Atkinson."  Sister A actually came with my last companion Sister Burdette who I trained.  So, I already knew her in a round about way which was nice.  I rode home with Sister Smith and her daughter with all my stuff...and eventually met my companion.
Sister Atkinson and Sister Smith
 The next few days were rather tough for me.  There weren't any set plans for me to follow- so we tracted a lot.  A lot- a lot.  We hit one white person out of all the hours and days we tracted.  It was crazy.  I feel like I am serving in a foreign mission.  But the Indian people are very cordial and listen to us.  They just aren't interested.  We have had a few people kindly offer us water, and a kind word for our efforts.  But past that we haven't had any success.  And that was hard for me to get my grips on.  In my last area we had SO much to do- granted it was 3x as big with an extra ward attached.  But I am having to re-focus and re-learn how to teach and approach people here.

It is interesting how the Lord takes us and refines us.  He knew that I was confident, strong, and obedient in my last area.  And here, I am in a new world.  I am having to follow up train again, and learn a new area.  I know that we need opposition to grow, but where is the breaking point.  When seekers of truth are hit with hard things, that is the time we fall to our knees.  The Lord lets us struggle at times because He knows we will come to Him in supplication and therefore the relationship we have with Him will grow.

I have learned that I have a very strong, “don't give up” mentality.  And in missionary work that can sometimes exhaust a person.  So what is the answer; where does the balance lie?  I feel like when I am the BEST missionary I have been, and now is the time I am at the peak of my learning and skills, I have been placed in an area where I know NOTHING nor WHERE to go.  I know that we are not given more than we can handle.  This may be a precious time where I will grow closer to my Savior,  or perhaps this will be a time where I am humbled and shown that it is all up to the Lord.  Whatever the reason is for me being here, I will work, I will fight, and I will pray because when we are on the Lord's errand, things always work out.
This I know.
 Love always,
Sister Golden

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