Monday, September 28, 2015

New Companion!

So this week was a blur!  On Monday we said most of our goodbyes, stayed up packing Sister Atkinson's things, and went to bed.
Tuesday was an early start because I had to be at the church to go through some training at 8:15.  We met our new missionaries/new companions, and then had lunch, went to the transfer meeting and saw all the departing missionaries who were going home.  It was sad, but you knew that they were returning with honor.  The older I get in the mission, the more people I know, and then the more I know, the more I have to say goodbye to!
Bye bye Sister Atkinson
That night we jumped right into missionary life.  We went and visited one of our investigators and taught her about the Book of Mormon.  We brought her a Hindi Book of Mormon because that is her native language, and she was SO excited.  She said she would start reading right away. 
After the lesson Sister Petersen goes,  "Whoa.  I really don't know what the heck I am doing here. I feel like I don't know anything.  You were so good in there.  I can't do that!"  That made me think back to when I was a new missionary last September as well.  I had forgotten how scary, humbling and eye opening it all was.  But I encouraged her, and on we went.  We did some contacting and I told her to just say, "Hi How are you doing today?" As soon as the person opened the door.  Door contacting is so scary at first and I want her to be confident.  NOT nervous.  WE had dinner with our Relief Society President, had a mini meeting then grabbed some quick groceries to hold my new missionary over till Monday and headed home.  We learned how to plan, then crashed.  She was exhausted!
Our new children! Me with Sister Petersen
The next morning the alarm clock doesn't go off, but my body wakes me up at 6:50.  I'm like, "SHOOT.  I am starting Day 1 already as an AWFUL trainer."  I wake her up and we exercise in our living room.  I have to remind myself to do everything a little bit slower and explain what we are doing because Sister Petersen isn't used to the daily grind yet.  But I have enjoyed really thinking and focusing on what we do.  It helps me understand our purpose on a little deeper of a level.
After studies we go to District Meeting, then to lunch with the Green Level Sisters.  It was nice because we were all able to give Sister P advice and sympathize with her about how she was feeling!  Oh man, I remember being in my first week on the mission.  She is a champ.

We then went to an apartment complex to contact some former investigators that we found in our area book.  Some of them had moved, some didn't answer, and some said they weren't interested.  It was good practice though just knocking on doors.  Although we didn't get a whole ton of answers, we were able to meet a nice man whose name is actually GUY.  He was impressed with what we are doing and asked us to come back the next week after we shared a scripture with him.

Thursday we commenced in our first ever Weekly Planning Session together.  It took a while, but that's okay.  That night we were fed dinner twice, haha.  Chili with the Erickson's and Mexican chili with the Ortiz's.  Man, was I full!  It was pouring that night as well- luckily we had the car!

Friday we sang the song Come Follow Me at a baptism for the Elders.  Everyone said that it was great and brought a special spirit to the room.  I love that music and hymns can do that :)

Saturday we were able to contact one of our potential investigators!  That sweet woman Karin who liked my prayer.  When we walked in she immediately said, "Honey!  Give me your number I want to be able to contact you!  I am so gald you came back.  Every time you are here there is just such a wonderful warm presence.  IT's like you carry something with you.  I just love that.  Could you come over for dinner one night?  I want to get to know you girls better."  After some more conversation she gave us homemade applesauce, jelly, and brownies that she had canned, or froze.  She is SO Sweet.  People are so kind when you just LOVE them for who they are.  She wants to keep in touch after my mission as well.  What a nicey lady.

Then on Sunday after dinner we went contacting, found 2 new investigators, and one lady was so excited that we had an extar Book of Mormon for her, that she went to her pantry and gave us her homemade canned Dill Pickles, Sweet pickles, and peppery pickles.  Haha so nice.  Southern Hospitality is a real thing.  I think we need that in the West Coast.  That night the family we ate with made HUGE steaks, baked potatoes, and peas for dinner because they knew we had been fasting all day.  Food is 2x better on Fast Sunday :) Haha.

That night we had a really great lesson with a family we have seen about 3 times now.  The three children are really like sponges, and as we teach they ask us questions.  They have also been reading in the Book of Mormon and want to watch Conference next weekend.

I know that this is the Lord's work.  Remember, if this wasn't the Lord's work, the adversary wouldn't pay any attention to us.
I love it, I live it I need it.
<3 Sister Golden

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