Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy Valentines!

Hello My sweet family!
This last week was a HARD week.  Sometimes we get into a really good flow and when a hard day comes it takes your breath away.  Well Sister Macrum and I experienced a hard WEEK!  But we overcame it and did a huge high five and dance when Monday (our preparation day) came.
Last Monday we drove down to Wrightsville beach to have an activity with our Zone.  Let me tell you- the next day we were SO sore.  We played soccer and football and tag and other games.  It was a blast.  The beach was chilly- but we warmed up quick with all of our running around haha.

That night as well as Thursday we had a lesson with Herb in two different couples homes.  It is amazing when a person from church is willing to let you teach in their home!  The spirit is strong, the friendship is made, and they help bear testimony.  We love Herb; he is just so prepared.  He loves each lesson we have and says we have a 'way with our words.'  He told us he feels something special when we teach and that we just aren't the run of the mill girls that this day and age produces.  Isn't that sweet?  Whenever we ask him if he has questions he says, "Why would I have any questions? This stuff just makes sense!"  He reads in the scriptures, prays and loves the people in the local congregation.  He is 'Golden' ;) haha
After Monday is when things started getting tough.  Members who were going to drive us to a certain place cancelled.  People coming with us for lessons fell through.  Investigators called and said they were busy.  I was reminded that life isn't always easy.  And when we are thrown into a rough situation, we CHOOSE how to react.  Our ability to look at things in a positive light will drastically change our attitude and ultimately the outcome.  I got to practice this a lot this week.

On Wednesday we had ZONE TRAINING!  My last one on the mission.  I got to bear my testimony of what I learned and knew to be true- which I was grateful for.  After this training all the missionaries were treated to lunch- the senior missionary couples bought 8 Costco pizzas and brought them back to the church for us to eat.  There wasn't a slice left :)
Departing missionaries from my zone!

We started together at the MTC
I went to Richlands, in Jacksonville, with Sister Paynter on an exchange and had a good time.  We had two lessons lined up and got to teach together.  She is in her first 3 months still and is progressing each time I am with her.  I can't believe that I was once where she is at.  I see a lot of growth in myself- but it has come after a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and obedience.
Friday we got a storm warning saying there was going to be ice and heavy rain with freezing temperatures.  So a lot of people cancelled on us and we had to go find stuff to do! 

Hanging out at the Bishop's house after the storm warning!
We did end up doing a lot of tracting this week (knocking on doors) and talking to people!  But that helps us to get out and working, and meeting new people.  Plus it pulls us out of our comfort zone :)
This sweet dog followed us all day!
So Sunday was obviously Valentine's Day right? Well naturally as missionaries we basically forget all holiday's except for Christmas and Mothers Day because we get to Skype our families on those days.  So Sunday afternoon, and then after dinner we go out knocking on doors...I was SO EMBARRESSED!  Around 6:30 we knocked on someone's door and they opened and what do we see?  Rose petals covering the table, candles lit, steak on the stove....you get the picture.   We immediately said, "WE ARE SO SORRY!  Close the door...just close the door...we forgot it was Valentines day!"  Oh it was awful...hahaha!

The next day, yesterday (Monday) we drove to Jacksonville to throw a surprise birthday party for Sister Alldredge with our district and their district.  We had goodies, played sports, and had a super fun time.  She was so happy! All in all it was a week to remember.

I hope you are doing well!  I will hear from you soon :)
Sister Golden

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