Monday, January 18, 2016

Setting Goals Leads to Success!

This week was FABULOUS!  Sister Macrum and I were able to see such success as we went out tracting and found new people to teach.  How did this happen you might say? Well, we covenanted with the Lord.  We set apart specific times to go knock on doors, and told the Lord our goals of what we wanted to accomplish.  And let me tell you, God is good.  We were able to find such solid investigators.  I feel so blessed.  One of the young men had a broken foot, a cast on it, and crutches, but still came out on the porch to sit and talk with us because we couldn't come inside.  He told us about all the plans he had recently made but fell through and then said he was turning 25 on the 24th of January and still felt directionless.  1. We have the same birthday so obviously we were meant to meet. 2. It is crazy how our lives happen and allow us to be in a certain place at a certain time.  We taught him about the Restoration of the gospel and gave him a Book of Mormon after teaching him about it.  He was genuinely excited!  Which made us excited!  He told us to come back the following week.  And that we will do!

Then we had an amazing lesson with this family of three.  David, his wife JJ and his daughter Kameryn are so, so sweet.  Our night had completely fallen crashed and burned. But we persevered and didn't stop working.  Because of that we were able to share the message of the Restoration with this family, and David and JJ told us that they were willing to do anything to be better parents for their daughter.  They warmed up to us right away and actually invited us to stay for dinner!  Which was a blessing because we didn't eat anything all night!

We had to get 3 new tires on our car this week.  Just time for it I guess. That took FOREVER.  So we made a bracket for our zone and assigned people to certain houses at Hogwarts...and this was at McDonalds. Ha:)

We had Zone training on Wednesday and I learned so much.  A photographer for the church also came and was capturing the action!

I got to go to Jacksonville again on exchanges and see more of the people I love. I am grateful for the second chance I was given to go there.  Otherwise I would have gone home with a bad taste in my mouth from my first experience there.  The Lord knows what we need and when :)

We went out to get Sushi with an investigator named Alecia and before we left her boyfriend had to show us his latest catches.  He had gotten 2 coons while out 'coon-hunting' and 2 beavers.  He was in the process of skinning them and had hung the 2 raccoons for us to see.  It was...lovely...haha! I laugh and the 'country-ness' of the folks down here.

Sunday we all went to Wilmington and watched a broadcast from a few General Authorities that was specifically for the South Eastern side of the country.  Our investigator Ezzy came and enjoyed it.  We were able to travel with the Bishop's family and had a lesson in his home after that, which was really special.  She is so excited to be baptized on Wednesday- it will be the activity for the youth that night.

I hope you have a great week! Love
Sister Golden :)

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