Monday, December 21, 2015

A New Area And A New Companion!

My new companion Sister Macrum!
OKAY!  So I haven't even been in my new area for a week but it feels like it has been months!  I feel like I have known my companion before; she and I get along SO well.  She is such a blessing and I am so grateful we are here together. 
Last Tuesday at transfer meeting I had a feeling the WHOLE time that I would be going Hampstead.  When President asked me to stand and announced that I would be transferring to Hampstead to be a Sister Training Leader I just stood there...and said, "I knew it."  And sat down.  Everyone giggled because my reaction wasn't even one of surprise.  They announced my companion a little later and said we would be opening the area together.  Later on our almost 3 hour drive down to Hampstead she told me she had a feeling she would be companions with me and that she would be going to Hampstead as well.  Sounds like we were both pretty prepared!
Hampstead is on the coast

We had been told by our housing specialist that we actually DIDN"T even have an apartment yet- but could move in on Thursday.  As the assistants were shoving all of our belongings into our little fusion car, Sister Scott the housing missionary says, "So I got you some sleeping bags so you can sleep warm on the beach!"  She had forgotten how much I stress myself out so after saying that, I BURST into tears!  I knew she couldn't have been serious, but I was SO nervous to go open an area.  No apartment.  No one to teach.  No companion who knew the area..etc.  I was frightened.  She took us inside and tried to calm me down and told me that we were set to sleep at the Bishop's house for the next few nights and that they would help us move in on Thursday.  I said okay and tried to pull myself together.  The next few hours down to Hampstead were a blur. 
The Smith Girls
We arrived at 7:30 at the Bishops house and we all piled into the car to go have dinner with the Brown's (another family in the ward).  It was great- but I was exhausted and had a headache.  We got home and the Elders came over and gave us the area book and started going over everyone in it.  I felt even more overwhelmed.  Then the Bishops wife starts talking about all the people we can go see, and I am just like, OH MAN.  Can I do this?

We went upstairs to the guest bedroom and got ready for bed.  I was spent physically, emotionally, spiritually and all other “ally's”.....ha!  As I said my prayer that night I asked heavenly father why I had been sent here.  I felt so inadequate and so not up to the task that was being required.  I felt like I was underwater and couldn't re-surface.  As I was praying a thought came into my head.  It was "Why would I send you here if you couldn't do it?"  Then I remember what President James told us as he sent us off, "I stared at the wall for HOURS.  And chose who would go where on inspiration."  That WALL he referred to is a map of the mission with every single missionaries picture on it, so he knows where we all are and where he is sending us.  That comforted me a little bit. 

The next two days we spent with the Smith girls...going over the ward roster, going shopping, seeing the area etc.  On Thursday the assistants came to help us move in along with Elder & Sister Scott, the housing missionaries.  We were also helped by the Smith girls who helped us do all the knitty gritty stuff like hang clothes, clean and make beds.  We went out to dinner afterwards and got some last minute things for the apartment that we needed....oh, like a SHOWER ROD.  That was important.  It was like deja vu because all the things that were in my apartment in Morrisville came with me to my new apartment in Hampstead. WEIRD. 

The following days were so strange...we just went around, aimlessly meeting people the Bishop had filled us in on.  A lot of part member families live in this area and less actives as well.  BUT I LOVE THE SOUTHERN PART OF THE MISSION.  Everyone here is SO much more accepting and kind.  The ward is amazing.  They are pretty old- but totally country.  Accents, good cookin' and all else that goes with it.
Putting addresses into the GPS
I hope to fulfill all that the Lord needs me to do here.  I don't want to miss anyone or anything he needs me to touch, help or change.  Including myself.  Remember, "Good timber doesn't grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees."  Although times may be hard, I know that the challenges make us stronger and more deeply 'rooted in the gospel soil'.

Lots of Love and have a Merry Christmas!
Sister Golden

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