Monday, October 19, 2015

Jason...our car tracker!

We got a Tiwi put on our car.  Tracks the speed, brake pressure and driving skills of the missionary. It will be interesting! We have a card to log in and out each day we drive.  And it talks to us if we go too fast or don't have a seat belt's name is Jason.

We had Zone Conference this week and Pres. James and the assistants and a car rep for the church came from Utah.  It was a great time- Sister Petersen and I were asked to give a role play in front of all the missionaries because I guess one of my answers was something the instructor was looking for. I had to invite an unwilling investigator to pray for the first time out loud after a lesson.  Upon them saying no I needed to ask again and get on my knees and wait for them to respond.  It was great!  President James came down from off the stand to join me and be my companion for the role play.  I leaned over to tease him (it's my personality) and said "You know President, it's kinda hard to kneel in a skirt over and over again..." He then said, very loudly, "I know! I don't know why ANY one would choose to be a girl!"  The whole chapel erupted into laughter!  It was so funny.  Then he got a little sheepish and said some things after that...I pretended to be offended.  I think he gets my humor ;) But it was great!

That night we had some really good homemade Indian food for dinner with a family from the ward. Brother S is actually Indian and a convert to the church.  The only one in Morrisville. He is great- we liked that dinner because we asked him a ton of questions for the area.
After that is was kind of humorous because we went to go see an investigator who is a kind Indian woman (christian) and she had Indian snacks and tea for us to try. WE were FULL!

Friday we were able to see two sisters who are living together and in their 70's.  One is a member and one is not.  After listening to some of the conversation I felt as though the one sister was struggling with something but hadn't opened up.  The spirit prompted me to share Mosiah 24:13-14; I was hesitant at first.  But after reading it and sharing a brief testimony this lady told me that her daughters anniversary of her passing away was the next week and she felt really sad and burdened down.  She said she appreciated the scripture more than I knew.  I am grateful to be a missionary and to help people receive the revelation they need.

The next night we were tracting around and I recognized a house of someone I had talked to before.  We knocked on the door and expected no answer.  A couple lived there and invited us in.  They were Catholic and had a ton of questions about the church and what missions are like.  They were intrigued that we would leave family and home for 18 months to do this.  The wife was so cute and turned into a mama bear and offered us dinners, and rides, and said to CALL her if we ever needed anything.  And then she gave us her number and drove us home.  Although we cannot commit everyone to be baptized, or even take a Book of Mormon, we can instill friendship and love into the hearts of the people we meet.

Love, Mallory
I love my care package!!

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