Monday, June 15, 2015

Listening to the Spirit!

Hello Everyone,

This week our mission president's wife sent all of us missionaries a voice mail saying to prepare for this upcoming week or two because it will be reaching the hundreds.  I am not necessarily looking forward to that!  Oh boy!  But Mom, don't worry. I wear sunscreen and keep it in my bag on person! You should be so proud:)
This week has been SUCH a spiritually deep one for me.  Although our numbers aren't the highest for lessons, we didn't baptize anyone, nor find new investigators, I was able to tap into the spirit and feel it working inside me several times.  I have been able to feel the spirit very strongly before, but this week I have felt first hand what it is like to be an instrument in the Lord's hand...literally. 

It first started whenever we were driving in the car.  I receive a lot of revelation, or 'thoughts' while I am driving.  I sometimes ask my companion to write them down for me really quickly, ha.  But this is when the names of people we need to go see pop into my head. 
Example 1: We had an extra half hour that we hadn't planned for and were just going to go to the church to eat lunch and get online.  Well the name of a family that is in one of our wards popped into my head.  I thought, "No she works during the day, as well as her husband.  And their daughter won't want to open the door when she is home alone..."  Thump--> Spirit says go.  So I punch their name into the GPS and we go to their house.  We happen to park in the driveway right behind their daughter who just drove into town to visit.  She is inactive, but still really nice to us. As she leads us into the house, her brother who is also inactive, greets us and calls for his mom.  She decided to come home for lunch from work.  She goes upstairs to get her daughter who is graduating high school this week, and is inactive.  We all meet in the kitchen and have a great conversation just getting to know each other and having a good time.  We segway into a gospel discussion and share a scripture and ask an inspired question.  Everything was fine and dandy and we left thinking what a tender mercy it was to go over when everyone was at home.  Well, this Sunday, the mom came up to us and said that her oldest daughter went back home and made plans to go to church with one of her old friends.  SO great!

Another way the spirit has effected me this week is in our lessons.  We taught two active families a lesson on missionary work after having dinner with them.  Our plan was to share a certain scripture, video, then close with a prayer.  But I felt prompted to read from a few accounts given by prophets in the Book of Mormon about missionary work.  After doing so the spirit was so strong and we ended up getting a few names of their friends that they wanted us to go and see.  This week I received more referrals from our members than at any other time on my mission.  AMAZING.

Lastly, as I have been reading the scriptures and words of the living prophets I have been receiving comfort and revelation for myself.  I have been pondering and praying at how I can become a better missionary.  I don't want to get comfortable with my calling, fall into vain repetitions, or only do things because I am told. I have been able to personalize and apply the principles I read about in the verses and then use them to help those we teach as well.  I have truly felt an overabundance of the spirit this week- and I don't want it to stop!

On Tuesday night a pair of sisters came to stay the night so that we could drive up to Raleigh together to go to the first transfer training meeting. 
 We were instructed by our mission president and his wife, plus the assistants and ourselves.  It was a great time and I was re-taught and got to re-practice a lot of things that I had forgotten since being trained.  I am sad that our Mission President is leaving in about a week- we all love him and his wife.  But I am excited to see what our new Mission President does for the NCRM!

This Saturday Ginny our investigator is getting baptized.  We are so very excited for her.  She has had a long road and has overcome many challenges.  I know that this will change her life and give her more purpose than anything else ever could.  We are still trying to work with our Part Member family- they are so ready!  They are just so very busy.  It is so great though to be able to see a person make the changes, then reap the benefits of having the gospel in their lives.  Sometimes I wonder why I was blessed to be born into a home with supportive parents, growing up in the gospel, and having so many wonderful opportunities.  But I take that gratitude and add it to my drive to find and help other families that we come into contact with.
District Meeting
This week I was reading in the New Testament for a part of my studies, specifically in Luke.  I am loving how detailed the stories have become by reading Jesus the Christ along with it.  In Luke 17 Christ is talking to his disciples and they realize that their service to him requires their all.  Their whole soul.  Christ knew that their faith could best be gauged by obedience and untiring service.  As a missionary I think I am taking part in those two things.  Giving my all, leaving everything behind, as well as showing obedience and working each and every day tirelessly.  This is important because everything we do affects our eternal progression and helps us form habits that are either righteous, or contrary to God's will.  My mission is only prepping me for the rest of my life.  

I hope you listen to the prompting you receive and follow them!  That is when Heavenly Father entrusts you with more!
My family away from home!
I love you all and can't wait to hear from you!  <3
Sister Golden

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