Monday, March 23, 2015

Speaking Spanish?!

So this week I was able to go out to Wallace and do an exchange with the Spanish sisters there.  Oh boy, that was a fun time!  I was able to meet a few of the local members who live there and have dinner with them as well.  They were all Hispanic families and so very sweet.  They thought I was the new sister so they go off jabbering to me in Spanish...when they realize I have no idea what they are saying they smiled and laughed and had my companion translate.  I did get to say 'Si' a lot though..they thought that was funny;)  Over dinner they were focused on trying to break me in and help me learn Spanish.  It was a fun time.  At the end of the evening when we were saying goodbye, I guess the cute Spanish mama's told my companion that they LOVED me and wanted me to stay.  When she told them I was just there for 24 hours they got SO sad and told me not to leave!  They thought I was just a newbie from the MTC and didn't know my language yet.  But I was sad to leave also.  They were so kind and humble and loving, even though I couldn't understand them.
That is something I love about the gospel.  It creates a family for you wherever you go.  You can feel the spirit and share your testimonies about the same things and know that they understand.  I am so grateful that the church is world wide and that I am able to see it here in the south as well!

I also got some exciting news this week.  Our mission president texted Sister Jones and I (which kind of freaked us out because that usually never happens) and said he had news for us.  We sat down on the bed so we wouldn't pass out or anything.  He told me that I was going to be transferred and that Sister Jones would be training again!  we were both pretty happy about that :) I will have been here for 7.5 months...AKA my ENTIRE mission.  I wonder where I will be sent to next... Any guesses?

Something funny that happened this week as Sister Jones and I were out tracting, was in this one neighborhood in a small subdivision.  All the houses we walked up to had a pamphlet stuck in the door...we pulled it out to see what it was.  Well it was from the Jehovah's Witnesses who go around talking and tracting also, which kind of makes it tough for us Mormons, haha.  A lot of people ask us if we are JW and we say no.  But we are often confused with them.  Each door we went to had this little pamphlet in it...and I am not going to disclose whether or not we left the pamphlets in the door...but we didn't want there to be litter laying around in case they fell out... ;)

At our district meeting we went through our church building and did a mock-church tour.  That was really neat because I have only ever been to one and that was back in my home ward in Washington.  I loved being reminded how a church tour can be a great tool in showing people around the church in an unprofessional way and allow them to go at their own pace and be comfortable. Sister McDonald (our sen. missionary)  taught me so many things about the different paintings that I want to use in any church tours we have coming up.  We were supposed to have one with an investigator this week, but they cancelled.  That's alright! It happens!

Some things worth mentioning:
So this week my personal studies were all really good!  I would love to share some of that with you.  First I learned that the word “Perfect” can be translated into the word complete or finished; fully developed.  We don't need to compare ourselves to the standards of the world.  Or what we think perfect actually is.  Our Savior is the only perfect being we know, and we can continually look to Him for that example.
Being busy is not the same as being worthy, and being worthy does not require perfection.

Why does the Lord allow the evil speaking to chase after the good? One reason is that opposition against the things of God sends seekers of truth to their knees for answers.

When we are firm in keeping our covenants and living true to the light we have, the Lord will bless our lives and give us inspiration.

When the Lord wants to teach us he will often do it by giving us a question to ponder.  Answers come by being faithful to our covenants and serving others as we study, because that is the pathway to having personal experiences that over time provide the answers to all questions.

I miss everyone back home!!
Love, Mallory

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