Monday, March 2, 2015

Best P-Day Ever!

So last Monday was the Best Preparation Day I've had so far! All the sisters in our Zone met up in Wilmington and went to an indoor trampoline land called Defy Gravity.  It was a BLAST!  We were boinging around all over the place...just the casual representatives of Jesus Christ soaring through the air ;) I crack myself up! haha.  We were able to say our goodbyes to those sisters who were leaving the next day to return home.  It was bitter sweet!

Tuesday all schools and most businesses were shut down because of the weather.  Nothing compared to Rexburg or Utah, but I guess bad enough for here.  Ha.  We still had work to do so we bundled up, set out, and went to work.  We played it safe and drove slow, going to visit some of our local members and a few less actives in the area.  We had really good visits with each of them and felt pretty successful for the day we were given to work with.  Every home we showed up at they shuttled us inside and asked us what the heck we thought we were doing- "Don't you know it is freezing outside!  They sent me home from work at 10 am today!"  The husbands would say. That night at our dinner appointment  they got a storm warning that encouraged everyone to stay inside.  So we were like, "Great.  Looks like we're stuck."  But we made an evening out of it, and helped them bake some fun things and watched Mormon messages.  When we went outside everything was covered in ice and was slick as could be!  We had to crack the ice off of our car in order to get the doors open and see through the wind shield.  We got home safe and sound though thanks to my companion who is from Utah and can drive in this craziness!
Windy Wednesday ~ and still very cold!
Wednesday was a little bit better.  The temperatures rose enough for all the ice to melt.  But all the schools were still cancelled.  All the parents were getting pretty antsy because there had been so many snow days called.  
District meeting that day was weird.  We have 3 new missionaries that came because of transfers.  Things are changing!  We also got a new senior missionary couple- they are sweet.  That afternoon we had a lesson with a new investigator that is a really good friend with a lady in our ward.  Let me just tell you,  “Missionary work is SO MUCH BETTER when members are involved.”  They are that extra support and knowledge when we can't be there all the time.  The lesson went so well and our investigator was asking a lot of questions and accepted the baptismal date we extended.  She had been prepared by her member-friend who was inviting her to church, activities, FHE, and being a good example.  That is what a prime teaching situation looks like!  We loved it.
  Sister Jones and I felt like we needed to go and visit one of the counselors in the Relief Society to go check in on her and see if she needed anything.  Her husband is deployed and she has been stuck inside with her kids the whole week because of the bad weather.  We gave her some much needed adult interaction and then shared a Mormon message with her.  This sweet sister started crying and said that was exactly what she needed and how that week had been really tough for her.  I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost in my life.  It truly does lead us and allow us to be the instruments here on earth that God needs.   That night we heard from the members we were eating with that the city was given a curfew, and would be shutting down for the night starting at 7 pm!  It was because of this crazy weather.  Geez!  So after dinner we had to go straight home because rumors were floating around that cops were going to pull people over past that curfew.

Thursday morning was a bright one!  Daylight savings is right around the corner too unfortunately.  We spent the day going out and visiting people with some sisters in our ward.  It was a pretty good day and we were able to meet some new people that are less active in our ward.  For dinner we went to the Anderson's who are doing a 'eat clean' diet and made the best healthy little dinner ever.  I love them!  I was really grateful as well ;)Friday the Cunninghams took us out to the Santorini Grill again- that great Greek restaurant.  It's their favorite place and they like to be with us :) 

The Cunningham's
The rest of the day we planned, and then had dinner with a sweet family down the road who is coming back to church.  They made us a great grilled chicken salad and I was a happy camper because it was healthy!  Saturday we got to go out and visit some really sweet old ladies in our ward that aren't able to come to church because of their age and health problems.  One of them was this cute little old African American woman who called us Baby, and her Babies, and said "Amen" after everything we said.  She was a doll and we loved her to death.  She told us to come back any time!  That night we had a super good dinner with one of our favorite members.  Kale and Potato soup with home made bread sticks.  So, so good and yet another healthy meal.  Good luck this week! 

Afterwards we met several of the young marine wives at one of their homes and had an ice-cream social so they could all meet each other and get to know the ladies who lived near them in that area of the base.  

Sister Jones

It was a blast and we all had a good time.  They are all around my age so it feels like I actually have 
friends out here!  Haha.
Ice Cream Party with the Marine Wives

Sunday was like it usually is.  We had good meetings, and got to go see some investigators after church.  Fast Sundays are always the longest days.  And it is even worse when everyone you had planned to go see isn't actually home.  So we went out to go hunt down more people with Sarah (who is recently returned from her mission and in our ward).  Luckily her mom offered to have us over for dinner (no one had signed up to feed us and we were freaking out!) and we ate some really good chili and bread.  Perfect for the cold rainy day that it was.

I am so grateful for prayer.  It truly is powerful and can be used at any time and in any place.  I would encourage you to start saying daily prayers, and if you do, make them a little bit longer and allow yourself to really converse with your heavenly father.

I love you so so so much and wish you the best week ever.
Love Sister Golden :)

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