Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter from the Carolina's

First off!  Happy Birthday to little Lukey who is now a teenager!  I can't even believe it!  He is getting so old; I am so sad:( 

Well hello.  Another week has gone by and guess what.  Today marks two months since I have entered the MTC.  I can't believe I was home just this last August, crazy.  So this week went well- there are lots of Halloween activities going on!

We were able to go to the Fall Festival on Friday where we got chosen to judge all the chili, all the cornbread and all the pie.  I had to try EACH thing.  I only took a little, but I was still so full by the end.  I felt like a cow, haha.  Then we had to judge the hallway that was decorated for the kids to trick or treat in and the top costumes of each age group.  It was a fun time and I even got to dress up as well!  I was a rugby player and even got a bruise painted on my face, haha.  Unfortunately we had to walk through Barnes and Noble on the way home with the lady who was giving us a ride and we got a lot of weird looks from everybody inside.  I don't blame them! 
Rugby Players in skirts!?
This week we were able to meet with one of our investigators and plan out her whole baptism! She was so excited.  We went over hymns, talk assignments, prayer assignments, and then out of nowhere she goes, "Sister Golden will do the special musical number..."  And I stop and look at her thinking to myself, "Uh what did she just say?"  She told me that in church she doesn't sing because she just listens to me the whole time and I remind her of Snow White or Rapunzel and she wants me to sing for her baptism.  I never sing solo’s in public!  I told her I would think about it:)  Haha.

During the week my companion got sick because someone fed us dinner that apparently wasn't all gluten free.  So we were able to spend part of the day at a members home to give her time to recuperate.  During this I got to go out and pick that the proper way to say it?  Gather eggs from their hen house.  Haha I don't know what it is called.  But I got eggs and we got to keep them!  They are so much better than the ones you buy at the store!  I think maybe one day I will get chickens and eat their eggies ;)  As long as my husband agrees to clean up the pen they stay in...and not kill them for dinner because that is sad.  Anyways!
Homegrown Egg
So Sister McDonald our senior missionary here in NC, got me this special Holistic bug spray that her cousin makes because she heard from some people that I am getting bit no matter where I go.  And this is so true.  Every time we go to knock on some one's door I leave with a new bug bit on my ankle.  I guess I have sweet blood...
She said she doesn't know how well it will work, but it is worth a try.  I just laughed:)  Maybe I will put some on my forehead after getting that huge bite there.

Another piece of good news is that two of our less active families we have been visiting have been coming to church lately.  They only stay for the first meeting and leave, but sill that is progress! The one is married to a man who is not interested in the church at all so she comes by herself with the kids and it is a challenge for her to have no support.  I am so grateful for my strong family that supports one another in our church- going.

It is starting to cool off a little bit.  It's so funny, people from here are saying, "Brace yourselves, the worst winter is afoot!"  I asked what the conditions are like... and they respond and say, weather in the 40's and maybe some snow.  They continue on and say that schools are cancelled, the bread, milk, and eggs are always cleaned out of the grocery stores, and that you don't see people for days because they keep themselves shut inside!  I was thinking to myself, well if I can handle -15 degrees and 12 inches of snow in Rexburg and still go to school and play sports then I think I can handle a winter here in North Carolina;) Although I hate the cold and will say I'm cold if it's under 70, I know I will survive here!

One thing I get nervous about here is how much people joke about the road kill.  They say it makes for a good stew, or a good pot-pie.  I really hope I never run into that... and if someone  cooks it for me, they better not tell me and just let me eat it in peace.  Ha!  So gross.  Although there always is an animal on the side of the road no matter where we are.  Luckily we live in a good city and I don't think the people are into that here.  Further out in the boonies I've heard missionaries say that has happened!  Yikes.

I love you all and hope you are doing well!  Keep the letters and emails coming!  I so appreciate them and need the support! Have such a fun Halloween and watch a fun movie for me!
Sister Mallory Golden 

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