Monday, May 11, 2015

8 months! Whooooo!

It's happening!  It is getting warmer!  You could even use the word hot!  Today it hit 91 and was quite a smack in the face when we got in and out of the car as we shopped around for our Preparation day.   The locals keep saying, "honey it's not even started!".  Oh boy.
Mothers Day Picnic
This week I received big news.  When the mission president texts you and asks you to call him, it is not because he wants to say, "just thinkin' about ya! How have you been?" Although I wish it had.  President called to tell us that my companion was going to be his own words, "I'm going to take Sister Ibarra away from you."  I had a little panic attack.  I don't know the area, the people, or how to get around yet.  She is my rock here!  That’s what was going through my head.  Then to shatter any sanity that I had left in me he says, "and Sister Golden you will be training!" Time stopped. I swear.  After croaking out, "I will do my best President,"  big crocodile tears rolled down my face and I went to the bathroom and just cried.  After I composed myself I walked back out and told Sister Ibarra that I better learn the area real quick otherwise this poor greenie was going to get one confused and lost trainer, Ha! It’s just surreal to me right now.  Come the 19th I think I will be a lot more nervous.

This week we (and when I say 'we' I mean Sister Ibarra and I play the supportive role of side-kick) had English class!  It was a lot of fun because it happened to fall on Cinco De Mayo!  Patty and Sister Mizelle made Tres Leches and lunch for us to celebrate with and sang some spanish songs.  It was a blast.  I am actually learning a lot and am enjoying it.  Patty and Sylvia were there and invited a friend that is named Maria!  We were able to kind of tell them about our calling as missionaries and gave a spiritual thought out of the Bible afterwards.  I think over time they will become more curious about the church :)

We also went and volunteered at Elmcroft Nursing Home and had a blast playing Bingo.  I kind of make myself laugh because I really get into it and forget that these little old people are just wanting to relax and win their prizes (candy.) I went to go give this man candy and he shouted 'I can't have sugar!  don't cha know!'  So I gave him some crackers.  HA.  Sometimes the old people there think I am an employee because of my name badge, and ask me to take them to the bathroom.  I play along and point them in the right direction and say I will be there in a moment.  Or they will ask me if I can help them, and when I ask what with, they just repeat the question.  One little lady was getting frustrated with Bingo because her card was bad and she wasn't putting any chips on it.  So she threw it and said 'I have no talent!'  I assured her that God gives all of us talents and hers might not be bingo but that's okay.  See? You can have missionary moments anywhere ;)

Wednesday was a blast because I got to go to my first Zone Training in the Fayettville West Zone.  I saw some missionaries I recognized from my last area, so that made it even better :)

I really love these trainings- I always learn SO much.  This time I received a LOT of revelation about Conversion.  Oh my, when you are in tune with the spirit you can learn some magnificent things!  I know that the Lord is prepared to give us what we are prepared to receive.  If you want answers, then you need to prepare appropriately.  Afterwards all of us sisters went to a place called Cookout which is a fast food place only found on this side!  It is what they like around here :) It is always fun spending time with these girls and talking about our lives.
That night I was introduced to a 'real southern BBQ' restaurant called the Pic-N-Pig.  It was good and I enjoyed it.  A little lady from the ward took us there and we got to watch the private planes take off on the runway that was situated right behind it.  Fun times!

This week we have been able to meet with 3 of our progressing investigators and have pretty solid lessons with them.  It's so exhilarating when you have people to teach who are actually interested and ask you questions!  I felt like I was truly fulfilling my purpose as a missionary in that moment.  I forgot all about myself and was able to focus solely on them.  It was great.  One of the ladies only speaks spanish but that was neat because I could still feel the spirit when they talked about the Book of Mormon.

Then it was Mothers Day and I was able to Skype the Fam! It was so great to see all their faces and hear their voices.  It was definitely what I needed!

I hope you know how much I miss you and love you! I always pray for you and hope for the best.
Until next week!
Sister Golden

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