Monday, December 15, 2014

3 Months:)

Last Monday Sister Anderson picked us up to go shopping for a couple crafts for the relief society craft day, and then to her house for dinner, and ginger bread house making!  We used graham crackers and frosting to build them- which is fine with me:) It was fun and we all had a good time.

Tuesday was a pretty special day for me...I hit my 3 MONTH MARK!  

I hear that that is the first hump you have to get over as a missionary.  Next is the 6 month mark.  Oh boy, let's not think about it just yet.  That seems far away.  That night we had dinner with the Ferrin's and she let us look through her Christmas sweaters so that we could wear them to our Mission Christmas Conference that is tomorrow!  Mine is cute and has snowmen all over it.  I will get you pictures of that as soon as I can;)  I bet I'll look just dashing in it.  We headed to Institute with her daughter Amelia and then afterwards some of the young single adults took us to Chili's to get what they call a skillet...or something.  A cookie on a little pan skillet with ice cream on top.  sister Jones and I finally decided to split one because, "Heck! We're young!  These are the Lord's pounds!"  Ha.

Wednesday we had a good lesson with a less active girl in our ward.  She is 19 and got married this past summer to a non member.  They are happy and doing well, but when we were saying goodbye she started crying.  All her life she struggled with her testimony and moving to NC where religion is very prevalent she said she has been even more confused.  So the night before, she dropped to her knees and asked Heavenly Father what she needed to do and where she needed to go because she didn't know anymore.  The next day we showed up at her door to share a short Christmas message and check up on her.  This visit wasn't planned; we actually were going to go see another lady, but I felt that as we passed her home that we needed to stop.  It is such an amazing thing to know that the Lord works through people to help others who are struggling. 

Thursday was our special Sisters Christmas Conference! ALL the sisters in the NCRM met in Raleigh for a meeting and got to visit with one another.  There was training and lessons and speakers from 8:30-12 (I was chosen to be one of the speakers of course) then lunch and then pictures!  It was so much fun to see the girls I was in the MTC with and meet more that are serving here with me.  

Reunited with Sister Alldredge
That night after getting home Sister Jones and I made some homemade hot chocolate and stayed up watching the Emma Smith movie together.  We wanted to bond!  Every night we have been getting to bed late because we just talk and laugh and share stories, both fun, sad, and dumb ones:)  Well, we have made a resolution to get to bed on time this next week because we are SO tired in the mornings, and almost fall asleep after dinner!  It is funny:) 
Making Breakfast with Sis Jones

Sister Jones has been running every morning since she came out on her mission.  This was super exciting news to me because it is great exercise, and I hadn't been able to run really with my previous companion.  Well, I have been humbled and see that 2 months without ample running can leave you looking like an elephant trailing behind a human being, huffing and puffing.  She is so patient with my lack of fitness at this point in time ;)  But!  I will keep it up and hopefully get better! 

On Friday we went to the R.S. craft day and learned how to make a ribbon wreath, and fun decorative vases that say 'JOY' on them.  (Pictures to come...we didn't finish.)  It was a lot of fun and we got to spend more time with some of the ladies in our ward.  

Craft Day
I miss being crafty and doing projects!  I decided that I want to be a crafty mom and make my house super cute with decorations and things...but that day will come.  
Brooke our Recent Convert always laughs at me because I talk about my future husband/and family as if I know them.  She makes fun of me when I say, "Yeah! Me and my future husband will...____" because I am totally single and serving a mission.  But hey, a girl is allowed to dream right?
That night we had dinner with a member (and of course they are our age and we just feel like we are all hanging out when we get together) and then went to go visit a few less actives who were in their neighborhood.  The visit was very successful and they were able to make friends with those we visited!  It was perfect.  It is kind of an inside joke between Sister Jones and I, but the husband is very VERY talkative.  He doesn't know when to stop.  So when they dropped us off back home, he followed us all the way up to the door because he wasn't done with his story yet! We died. 

Saturday- wow.  What a long day.  We went and saw some less actives in the area and had an amazing lesson with one family that is only part members. The spirit was so strong and I just felt that they need to go to the temple and get sealed!  We are planning on working hard on them!  After those visits we went over to the Crum's house and helped Sister Crum make homemade rolls for 5 hours!!!! We had to make 300 rolls for the ward Christmas party that was that night.  She is 8 months pregnant, has 3 little kids, and her dear husband volunteered her to make them.  He is a hilarious guy, but I questioned that choice of his!  The rolls all turned out really well and were super good.  I was proud that I mastered the art of home made bread making!  Hopefully I don't forget!  The Christmas party was fun.  There was good food, people, and Santa.  The missionaries helped serve the food and clean up afterwards.  It was a successful day.

Here are 2 quotes that I wrote down this week because they impressed me!  What do they mean to you?
Boyd K. Packer said, "Those who listen to and heed His words and the words of His chosen servants will find peace and understanding even in the midst of great heartache and sorrow."

David O. McKay, "The responsibility of showing o the world that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will solve its problems rests upon the men who make the claim...I believe too that every world problem may be solved by obedience to the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

I hope that you are doing well, and have fun plans for Christmas!  In conclusion, “If the Savior were amongst us today, we would find Him where He always was—ministering to the meek, the downcast, the humble, the distressed, and the poor in spirit. During this Christmas season and always, may we give to Him by loving as He loves.” 
I love you and miss you!  Until next week,
Sister Mallory Golden :)

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