Monday, November 17, 2014

Finished the Book of Mormon!

 Things I Learned this Week:
1. When a person begins to see something of eternity in its true perspective, the blessings begin to far outweigh the cost of leaving 'the world' behind.  
I am trying to apply this to my Mission!

2. Prayer is less about changing our circumstances and more about changing us.  It is about seeking His will and asking for His help to do what we need to do.  I am trying to do this each day, and I am realizing how different our purpose becomes when our perspectives shift.  

Food of the Week:
This week some of my favorite dinners were when we had “Homemade” Pizzas, Sushi Bar, Thai Night, Taco Tuesday, and a Potato Bar with Turkey!  Just a little rant about the food.  It's NOT all fried! Hallelujah!  Haha:)

Homemade Pizza

1. Brooke's husband who was deployed in Romania had been given permission to come home for 2 weeks!  His first question was, "Can the Sisters come over?"  And the first thing he asked us was, "Can I get baptized next Saturday?"  He has been investigating for three years and finally felt the push when Brooke, his wife was baptized.  Now they are preparing to go to the temple and be sealed a year after his baptism.  YAY!  Families are GOLD if you can find them:)

2. Next, Mellisa (our recent convert) has told us that she will teach us how to crochet! I am going to make a head band (the ear warmer ones), because I am dumb and either can't find where I packed mine, or totally left them at home.  I am excited!  Then we are going to get really warm fuzzy yarn and make baby hats for the NICU in Wilmington, because they are in need of them! 

3. This week we were able to see a lot of members because of dinner appointments, and going out with them on splits.  We got some recent converts to come along with us to these dinners and worked on fellow-shipping them into the ward even more.  For a fun activity we watched the Joseph Smith Movie about the Restoration, The Emma Smith Story, and The Testaments.  They were all REALLY good!  I hadn't seen them before.  I couldn't believe the trial and hardships some of these people had to endure.  It was a testimony builder to me- they wouldn't have gone through all of that turmoil if the church wasn't true.  No way Jose!  After one of these lessons we went out into the backyard and checked out the chicken coop that was back there.  We ended up leaving her house with free eggs:)  All 18 of them!

4. We taught the lesson out at Camp Johnson this Sunday to the young Marines.  I am glad when they show up because boot camp just drains them and takes everything they have and breaks them down.  There were about 6 that showed up which is way better than usual!  They were all excited that the sisters were teaching...I think it is because they rarely ever see girls.  Haha.  But they were all nice and respectful.  They threw me off though when I challenged them all to commit to something for this week.  They looked at me and said, "Yes mam!" I just laughed haha!  It is the military way.

5. Two of the members in our ward have gotten my companion and I Christmas gifts!  So nice of them!  Transfers are coming up on Dec 2nd and they wanted to make sure we got stuff in case we are leaving.  One of the ladies got us sock slippers, and a hot chocolate care package!  Yay!  It's getting cold.  The other lady got us back massage-rs that vibrate when you push a button!  Oh how heavenly!

Fun Reindeer Slippers!
6.  We had another Zone Training this week.  It was super good this time- considering I've been to two, ha!  I got a lot of revelation and I learned many new things.  Afterwards us sisters all met at the local mexican food place and had lunch together!  It was a blast.  You get rice, a taco, an enchilada and of course the chips and salsa for $5.08!  Such a deal!  And we get to chat and be social for just a little bit.  It's a nice break:)

Zone Training
Having lunch together

Funny of the Week:
So since I'm a Washington girl, I am pretty used to the rain...right?  We go out running at 6:45 on Tuesday morning and see that there is a light drizzle.  My companion looks around and I can tell she in considering going back inside.  I take off and start running so that she has to follow me!  I don't want to be inside more than I have to be!  We get down the street and the rain has picked up a little bit.  We turn the corner and the rain seems to get a little thicker.  I am telling myself we will hit a dry patch where the clouds break...just like back home.  Well, we reach our destination of the area we usually run in and the rain just LETS down!  I am thinking to myself, "Oh Great."  We turn back and start heading to our apartment.  It took us twice as long because we had to keep wiping our eyes so we could SEE where we were going!  Back inside we are drenched, hot, and probably sweaty.  Who knows.  But that showed me that West Coast rain is VERY different from East Coast rain and not to forget it!  Haha.  Then low and behold 15 minutes later it got sunny.  Just my luck.

Soaking Wet!
It is getting around that I try and eat healthy and haven't been eating desserts that are being offered.  So more families are making salad when we come to eat with them, and less desserts.  HA!  One of the families got us snacks from the Commissary and gave Sister Arave Gluten free protein bars, and then whipped out 'Veggie crisps' and 'nut trail mix' for me!  I died laughing!  It's so cute seeing people try to guess what I will like and what is healthy.  I am not picky!  I’m just trying to be careful so I don't gain any more weight:)  I always appreciate the help and love from the members though:) 

Remember This: 
When we explain a problem and a proposed solution, sometimes Heavenly Father answers yes, and sometimes no.  Often he withholds an answer not for lack of concern, but because he loves us- perfectly.  He wants us to apply truths he has given us.  For us to grow, we need to trust our ability to make correct decisions.  We need to do what we feel is right.  In time he will answer.  He will not fail us.

Consider This:
Our personal prayers are a barometer of our spiritual strength and an indicator of our spiritual well being.  What would listening to your personal prayers reveal about you and your relationship with Heavenly Father?

I love you all and hope you know that you are in my prayers:)
Keep me updated!  I want to hear all about your lives and what's going on in them!

Using my time wisely by "multi-tasking"
Love always,
Sister Mallory Golden :)

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