Friday, August 29, 2014

My New Home for 10 Days!

My Dear Family!
I hope you all are doing well! I was proud of you for being so strong at the airport.  As I was checking in at the MTC I saw Malia. It was so nice to see a familiar face.

                                                                      Malia and I
Let me tell you about my first 2 very long days here. There are lots of classes. Lots of study time. And, lots of learning. We sit in our classes the majority of the time going over different things such as our missionary purpose, fundamentals, Preach my Gospel, watching video clips, talking to investigators, listening to speakers and then eating. All that we are learning is to help us be effective teachers. There isn't as much information as there is the "how-to's." We pray all the time, but you know what, it brings an amazing spirit here. I have yet to learn more, and hope I will be able to retain it all. So far I don't feel stressed. It has been a good learning experience. Then again, I'm writing you with only 24 hours of MTC experience, ha!

I have 3 roommates. Sister Alldredge, Johnson, and Ostermiller who is my companion. We are all going to Raleigh and are in the same district. The elders in my district are all fresh graduates from high school, ha ha, but they are all smart and spiritually in tune.

 The MTC feels more like EFY on steroids. It hasn't sunk in that I'll be doing this on my own for the next 18 months, but so far I've been great at teaching and feel really confident when I'm teaching.

I get lost a lot here... it's hard to navigate around when everything looks the same! Then as you pass each other you have to call each other "Sister" or "Elder". It was hard to get used to! And introducing myself is always weird... I have actually forgotten my first name a few times:)

I run into Courtney a few times everyday in random spots. Once coming out of a building, once when she was getting a roll, ha, and when we were heading to our bedrooms. It's nice being able to hug her and have family here, but I miss all of you guys! I see Malia alot too!

                                                         Malia, Courtney and Me!
Tomorrow my companion and I will teach our first lesson on our own, ah! The investigator is a member so we will be doing a mock-lesson. I have to keep telling myself to allow the spirit to guide me and say what I feel rather than what I've planned. I think the more I do it the easier it will become.

I leave for Raleigh on September 8th and have to report to the MTC travel office at 3:30am, ugh! I am excited for this adventure. The presidency here says that prayers make a huge difference for us as missionaries. If our families pray for us, and our teachers, and Mission Presidents it can make a huge difference. You are the best family I could ever have. I am so grateful for each one of you ~ Dad, Mom, Gretchen, Madeleine, and Lukey. Each of you have taught me something, and I thank you!

Lots of love,
Mallory (Sister Golden)

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